Literary & Cultural

The overall development of a child depends on the kind of learning environment that we can provide. This learning environment should include all that is important to the child without any parity and bias. While the core values of education will always be sustained and cherished in CALPS at the same time at no juncture will other allied activities compromised. Thus enabling the student to have an holistic education that covers every facets of learning. Cal Public School has a year long calendar of activities and events that is carefully monitored and conducted. And of course the icing in the cake is the laurels and accolades that our students continue to win across the diverse spectrum of events. The following are the few select victories.

Siddharth With Trophy

Siddharth Of Class 5 Outsmarts Big Competition @ Sip Abacus
Perhaps it was one such moment that would go a long way in creating outstanding talents by getting inspired from S. Siddharth of Class 5F for his monumental achievement. Sip Academy has been a reputed Abacus Training Giant in the country and to get recognition from them within itself is an achievement by itself and to annihilate over 40,000 participant and be awarded with the first runners-up is indeed a commendable feat. The school congratulates him and hopes that his story will create more talents.

Astronomy Olympiad Winners

National Astronomy Olympiad Winners

Cultural Olympiad Winners

Spellbee Winners

Rahul With His Trophy

Math Olympiad Winners

IMO School Winners

Seri Maathew From Calss 6

Seri Mathew Wins Big @ Brainobrain Abacus Event
At the recently concluded Brainobrain Abacus competition Seri Mathew from class 6 sizzled with her mathematical and calculative mind performing to its core and winning the most coveted Champion Title.