Cricket @ CALPS

Cricket is perhaps one sport where Cal Public School has matured to become the undisputed leader within the twin cities. Every aspect of Cricket is taken care with full dedication. When it comes to infrastructure the school boasts of a full fledged 4 acre cricket ground that complies to ICC (International Cricket Council) regulations. The coaching responsibilities is led by Former Ranji Player, Mr. Paul who himself has been instrumental in mentoring many national level players. Additionally extensive media coverage has been given in many respectable dailies celebrating the achievements of our cricketing heroes. The school is proud to announce the fact that many of our students are selected and representing the city at various levels like Under-12, Under-13, Under-14 and above. Further the school will continue its effort and would tirelessly strive in creating future cricket leaders.

calps students selection Under HCA-U16 and U14 category…

Congratulations !!! Happy to share that 3 of our students have been selected in the HCA-U16 and U14 category for 2022-23 season and have played in different states and cities.